At HIGHWAY 1 CREATIVE, we offer an exclusive selection of images that connect the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area and California coast to interior spaces of all kinds.

We work with local artists and production facilities to print our work on the finest archival papers and nearly any other surface imaginable.

First impressions are important.


Ambiance plays a significant role in the success of any business. In the hotel industry, comfort is key.

The same can be said for restaurants. A culinary experience involves more than just tasty food—we utilize all of our senses while dining, and long before guests distinguish your cuisine from the rest, they're greeted with the visual esthetic your establishment provides.

Mill Valley Fog
Under The Waves
Winter In Mill Valley

Investing in artwork is investing in your patient's health.


 Natural landscapes provide a sense of calm, hope and inspiration to patients, their loved ones and caregivers alike. Compelling light and color can be a healing medium of their own. Studies demonstrate that artwork presented in healthcare facilities can contribute to overall improvement in patient quality of life and environment.

Vanilla Blue
Is This What Heaven Looks Like?
Above The Heavens
Fog At Night
Fog Forest

Transform your workspace into something greater than "the office."


Use our art installations to enhance your client and employee experience.


Bridge of Fire
This City
Moonrise Over California Street

Life above the clouds.


Bring your living space to life.


Peaches And Cream
Strawerry Fields
Stand Tall
After The Rain In Inverness
S.S. Point Reyes

Utilize our assets to enhance your campaign's image.

Our work is available for all web and print commercial use. Ask us about creating custom content for your company's next project.


North Tower Alpen Glow
Road Inversion